laND30 is landscape architecture studio with a nomad character that has been developing projects in different geographical settings and cultural contexts since 2007.

Our projects usually involve a constant dialogue between the territory and other professions, usually architects who deal with built space, synergies arise from these relationships that usually lead to extremely constructive and creative relationships, which have allowed us to develop projects of very diverse typologies in different locations.

We always seek through design to create healthy environments that allow the development of honest social relationships with the natural environment. Our commitment to the conservation of biodiversity, preserving the functioning of natural systems and the sustainable management of natural resources is fundamental to us.

Martín Toimil Mato. Landscape Architect, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and Agricultural Engineer, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. After gaining experience in studios in Portugal and Spain, he founded the firm laND30 from where he has developed multiple projects, some of which have won awards: “The Celtic Garden” which was part of the “2013 World Landscape Art Exposition Jinzhou” in China, “Activar el Cráter” which won 1st prize in the “Urban Competition of Playa Honda in Lanzarote” or “Epicentro” 1st prize in the “Competition of ideas for the Humanization of Rúa Principal e Xaquín Loriga” in 2018. He has also been a speaker at the “II Technical Conference on Sustainable Urbanism” in Galicia in 2018, has been part of the jury of “National Competition for Architecture Students” at the University of Timisoara Romania in 2017 and curator of the exhibition “New Tahrir Square” in 2012 at the Galeria El Matadero Madrid.

Mario Fernandes. Landscape Architect, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Developed work in Portugal, England and Spain, among others, in international projects in China and the Middle East. Acquired experience in concepting and project formulation while collaborating with multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams also obtaining coordination and organisational skills.